Thursday, December 27, 2007

Workout planned 45-60 minutes base run, with focus on hills ( max HR on hills to be no more than 165)

Actual: Done Indoor on Treadmill with some hill ( increase angle thrown in)

Time : 55:24
Distance 5 Miles
Av HR 146
Max HR 172

I later added 4.1 dog miles* at an Ave HR 154 Max 176 on the hills

Total 9.1 miles

* "Dog miles" is the technical term for added "unplanned" miles run with my dog Simba for her exercise.
** I like the term "Dog miles" so will probably use it as a reference for ANY unplanned miles done from now on. It sounds cool, and really gives off that impression of hard work
*** I like term sooo much that the term "Dog miles"(c) is now copyrighted by me!

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