Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back home

Well finally back home from Cali, Nice to be home but the flight sucked. Now because I travel for business I am able to fly business/first class. The price is about 5 times the price of coach and what do you get? I believe its an extra 2 inches in inclination of your seat, an extra foot for leg room and yes a meal as opposed to the peanuts they throw at the people in steerage ...errrr...I mean coach. Thats what you get for an extra 1200 bucks. Is it really possible to get a good night sleep on a chair that barely reclines? Not for me.

SO I got home pretty beat.

Anyhow, today I finally setup the bike on my trainer. Put it in the basement ( THE IM Wisconsin training center of Somers ;) Did my workout.

The good news is that its looking like I may be able to forgo any further travel until February, that gives me 6 weeks of solid training and home time.

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Coach said...

maybe it's not a big difference for you or Erin, but for those of us over 5-foot, those three inches are the difference between breathing normally and breathing with a tray table imprinted on our chest.