Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Website Launch!

Well after months of working on it...the Opiron coaching website is ready.

I present to you...Opironmultisport.com

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Even in my Sleep!

The setting..... 5AM last night---


Me- HuH? What?!

Wife - Will you shut up!

Me - What are you talking about, I am sleeping!

Wife- Yeah but you are yelling "Come on Christine!! Push it!! Push!! Get up! Come on Climb that Sucker!! GO!! CLIMB!! AW RIGHT!! WAY TO GO!!"

Me - Umm Sorry

Wife- Coach Tomorrow, Shut up and sleep now!! Come on Do it! You can do it!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Natural Sports drink

I just received a shipment of ONE Coconut water, and let me tell you..LOVING IT!

I have already had 3 of these suckers. They are delicious. But the beauty is they are 100% natural and they give me similar benefits that you can get from drinking a sports drink. Now the coconut water does in fact point this out in the back, showing a comparison. Which looks pretty damned favorable for the coconut water. However, being a triathlete I happen to have handy a small collection of sports drinks to compare directly. I have Gatorade and Accelerade. So here are some stats:

110 MG sodium
30 Mg potassium
14 grams carbs

190 mg sodium
65 mg Potassium
21 g carbs
coloring artificial

O.N.E Coconut water
60 mg of sodium
670!! ml potassium
15 grams of carbs

So what does this tell me, it tells me that Coconut water is in some cases better as a sports drink than the Uber-popular gatorade. Accelerade is probably a better option for long events, or pop in a NUUN for the added electrolytes where I may need a bit more sodium. But for everyday workouts and recovery drinks. Coconut water is Plenty. That PLUS ITS 100% NATURAL!!

You should see the laundry list of ingredients that Accelerade has! What the heck is Trahalose ( Ascend tm)?

I'll take the Coconut water if I have it, thank you very much!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Am I overtraining or am I just a lazy ass?

This is the question I received today from one of my athletes who shall remain nameless. I looked at her workouts and what she logged about them. There could only be one conclusion....wrote her back "Your a lazy ass, now HTFU and get your workout done!"

Now I tend to goof around allot with this Athlete who normally works her Butt off. So I can say stuff like that, normally I wouldnt mention the lazy ass part ;)

But Overtraining is a serious thing, and you know it when you feel it. In this case once she got started with her workout she felt fine. That to me is the sign that its overtraining or just life stressing you out. Often I feel my feet dragging and dont want to go for a run, but once I get started I picku p within a few minutes. In fact if I dont get into a workout after 20 minutes thats a sign for me to take a day off. Which does happen.

But most of the time the workouts feel fine.

Overtraining is not just one workout but you know you are overtrained when a series of workouts just feel wrong, no energy, no zipp at all. If this goes on for awhile not just one day, then yes you may be overtrained.

If thats not the case, then just HTFU and get out there :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Look at what I got in the mail

It oofficial I have the cert to prove it! I am a Tri Coach