Sunday, December 30, 2007

Workout: Bike, Long ride target 2 hours base target HR 120-140

Actual, 3:10 ( approximate since I was late to stop timer) distance 40 miles, Ave HR 140, Max 183

The ride was done along with friends Phil, and Adam. Headed out towards Ridgefield, CT on 35 rode on some hills there ( at least thats the parts I remember :) and rode back. My bike fitness is lame. I was the car guard ( its nicer than saying last) throughout the ride. I am not sure if some of it had to do with the fact that I did my 16 mile run last night? Possibly but I definitely died on the hills.

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Philip LaVoie said...

hey boss... i was just trolling back thru your old posts. u shouldn't sweat this at all. your bike wasn't your focus when we did this ride... and YES the 16mi run the night before affected it! ;-) this was base man! it was supposed to be long and slooooow. you'll see it climb back, especially with the running you have scheduled to put in. john has got you focused ont the marathon, and me on the bike... you'll see the difference when you and i go out for a run and you find that yer talking to yourself up the road =)
later bub,