Sunday, September 19, 2010

Urban Dare September 2010

Well I have totally been out when it comes to updating this Blog.  In part its because this Blog was about training for an Ironman.  Well with that mission accomplished, and no real triathlons in the works maintaining this Blog has fallen off.

That does not mean I have been out of the racing loop completely.  This year was really a year to regroup and sort of plan for next year.  I did the nine required NY RR races and 1 volunteer day to qualify for the NYC marathon in 2011.  And yesterday I did something a bit different, I participated in the "Urban dare" ( race in NYC.

This race is very much like Amazing race, only without any TV or promise of a big prize at the end.  It was tons of fun, with 11 clues that took us around Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Locations were generally found clues.  Then going there and either doing a dare, or taking a picure of the location. 

Lots of fun overall.

change in Domain name

Well it has been a while since I have posted.  In fact since then, my domain has expired.  No real interest in spending the money to renew or get a new one.  So for now I will blog through: