Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Simba's pet peeve

Had a planned 60 minute run today.

The plan was 60 minutes HR between 12-150

Today I met the goal completly. Ran almost exactly 60 minutes.

Actual numbers:

Run time 1:00:39
Distance 6.4 miles
Ave Pace 9.28 min/mile
Ave HR 147

All in all a good run. But COLD!!! It was hard getting up but after realizing the amount of work I need to do I came to the conclusion that its time to buckle down. SO I got up at 5AM and ran in the dark. I have to guess it was something like 25 degrees. Freezing! But I did warm up eventually. I discovered that Simba, my dog has a real issue with those decorative reindeer that are lit up and move their head slowly. We ran past two of them and she was ready to destroy them. Not digging the moving head reindeer. Not at all.


Anonymous said...

think of the good news. at that hour she can destroy all of them and no one will be up to catch you :)


Javier said...

Yeah. I could see the headlines in the local Somers paper "Mysterious night predator with misaligned prey instincts, terrorising local christmas reindeer"