Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running in Central Park

So this morning I decided to hit Central park for a run despite the snow. The running group I recently joined (The Reservoir Dogs) has a scheduled group run every Saturday morning, and today was no exception. So I decided to join them for some training company. Something I am sorely missing since uprooting out of Westchester, where I had my training peeps.

There was a 6 mile run on the schedule, and about 12 people showed up. This is the second run with them and they appear pretty consistent. They are really a training/social group. They go for their runs, but also hook up afterwards for breakfast or drinks on evening runs. So far I like them.

The funny thing about being in a new group is that you are almost interrogated about your training and racing history. I was running with a guy who is a triathlete, so we had lots of war stories to swap. You know you have done alot when you can relate to almost every story a bunch of people come up with.

One good thing about running in a group, at least for me is I get motivated to run harder than I normally would on my own. Too bad that was not my goal. Cause I ran moderately hard at 8 min miles today when I really wanted an easier run ( Like 9 Min/mile). Oh well.

But I did get to get a background of the wonderful Central Park. For example I finally got to know how Cat Hill got to be named that way. Its cause of this:

Thats Right! Its a Black Panther!! Sitting waiting to pounce on you!! Its been waiting a loong time! Its neat, to have all these little points of interest sitting around to discover. Makes my run a little interesting. The Panther lies in the middle of the hill, on the east side starting on 80th street. I was told its bad luck to run by and not greet the cat.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible Olympic sports?

To be honest, When I watch Curling I cant fathom why this is an Olympic sport. I just dont see it as requiring any level of athletic conditioning. I know we can say that maybe any competition should be considered sport. I saw somewhere that so long as there is an organized world governing body, and a history of world championships then it qualifies.

I wonder is Chess an Olympic sport? Bowling? at least that requires physical skill.

Anyhow I propose a few others that could be exciting:

Underwater ICE Hockey!!

Yep, put on a wetsuit, work your way UNDER the ice, and play upside down with a Puck that floats against the ice.

Or if this seems too cold for you, how about simple underwater hockey

Then of course for an alternative Track and Field event, There is TUNA Throwing!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Off and running

Howdy folks! I have been away for quite awhile. Mostly letting life settle down, coaching some athletes and just chilling. But the time has come to resume training. I have selected a couple of races to shoot for:

The Scotland run (10K) in April
The Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon in May

One very refreshing thing about registering for these, they were only $18 and $25 respectively!! Compared to triathlons this just felt like It was a give away!

On another note, I ran last night for the first time with a running group I recently joined, "The Reservoir Dogs" ( ) Yes it is a running group and NOT the movie.

It was a nice 5 mile recovery run, and well organized. Best yet I finally saw the Cat for which "Cat" hill is named :) They seem like a great group and look forward to running with them more.

Its nice to be training again