Monday, December 6, 2010

training results are finally showing

Its amazing really, how fast the positive results from training can come.  In my case its not weight loss, which most people (including myself) are looking for.  Its the other things like stress relief, and the simple mental break from a long work day.  For me this is extremely important.  This past year I had taken a break from serious training since I was not doing triathlons.  The result was that my training was not quit regular.

As a result of this lapse in my training,  I have gained weight, and have for the first time EVER had to go on medication to regulate my blood pressure.  Up until a few weeks ago, even the meds were not completly controlling my BP.  I was thinking of going back to the dr to re-assess the meds.  However, Since I resumed my training, my BP has now suddenly settled itself.  It is down to normal.  I am still taking the meds but with the assistance of the workouts my BP is finally under control.  With a few more months of this, If it remains the same, I will see if I can get off the meds completly.  I expect my BP may be something I have to battle if only because its a family issue.  But I have thus far never been affected by it until I stopped training.

Anyhow it was real nice treat to see a real positive effect from my training.  In regards to weight its also headed in the right direction.  Not that I am out of control weight wise, but still I can be categorized as overweight.  I have gained almost 15 lbs in the past year and a half since I stopped training. Since resuming my training I have lost 3 of those, so I still have a long way to go.  But its looking good.

Sometimes when you train for a goal like triathlons, you forget about the real positive side effects about that lifestyle.  This was a nice reminder.