Monday, December 3, 2007

Swim T-time

Well back from Chile, and amongst the first workouts back is to establish my T time in the pool. This is done with 3 x 300 with a small rest period in between. The get the average of each of the 100's done. The idea is to come up with a pace that is fairly consistent. In other words the last 300 should be within 15 seconds of the first 300. Also manage to do this while doing them as hard as you can.

Well I did my first test today, and don't really know if I did them correct. I was pretty consistent 1st 300 was 365 second, 366 seconds and last 300 was 375 seconds. The average was 122.8 seconds per 100 or 2:02. Which I believe is pretty slow. In fact if I look at the chart for T1 times in "Workouts in a binder" it is literally slower than the last sample in the chart which was 2:00 per 100. YES folks I have my work cutout for me!

Workout: Swimming - T1 test 100 warm up 3X300 total 1000 meters

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