Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lost in my own world

Its funny, I have been doing Triathlon for 5 years, I am a certified triathlon coach, an Ironman.  Yet as a Seek to resume triathlon after a 1 year break, I actually feel a bit out of my realm.  Very strange.  And also kind of exciting.  I guess much has to do with the fact I have moved since I last trained so finding the polls and such is different.  Cycling is different.  I now live in cycling route restricted Manhattan, as opposed to Westchester with all the open roads.  Seriously, no comparison.  LOVE riding in Westchester..HATE riding in Manhattan.

Its just different.  Just the same I enjoy this feeling.  This is again an adventure. This is what I had hoped to recapture.  I want the joy and spirit of entering an adventure.  I want to feel the thrill when looking out at the open water as I wait for the starting gun.

My main challenge this year is that I am a bit short on cash.  But come to think about it, that has always been the case haha.  I have always been the"low tech" triathlete amongst my friends.  So I had a challenge finding low cost pool alternatives in NYC. The best public pool in teh city , riverbank, is on the west side and I am on the east side.  it would take 30-40 minutes for me to get there.  When tight on time, thats alot.  Asphalt green is great, but expensive.  So I found 2 options I am using.  Through groupon ( I got a 1 month membership to the 92nd st Y for only 29 bucks! So I am starting off with that after I return from my business trip to Brazil.  Then after that I will head to Baruch college where they have a membership for $300 for 6 months.  Just long enough to get in proper shape, and cheap enough to give me a chance to budget for it.  Which will work well.  I am excited.

Triathon, Im coming home.