Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally! A swim workout

It was not much of one, but I had 45-60 minute workout on schedule.

Today I happen to be in an office in White plains, so knowing this I brought my swim gear and during lunch hopped on over to the NYSC in White plains which has a 25 meter pool. Since its lunch I can only do 45 minutes of actual swimming when you add in a 10 minute walk each way and a quick shower after its going a little past the hour available.

So I went in and did the following:

Its a speed workout from the

300 Sw warm up
100 Kick
25 x 12

Then 2 X
300 Sw mod pace
2 x 75 Fast

then 200 Kick

cool down : 100 yards swim

Total 1900 meters

Not really as much as I would like to get in but at least I got some yardage in. I was feeling real bummed that I have been missing the swim workouts, which is key in my base phase.

One thing, there was a guy there for NYSC who was the acting life guard, he said he was a swimming coach and had in the past trained triathletes in swimming. He saw my little "Swim workouts for Triathletes" book by Berhardt and Hansen, he commented its neat and he never saw that before. ..... Huh?....
Now it might be my own prejudice but how the heck could you be a swim coach for triathletes and NOT know about this book?! I mean its a neat little book that fits nicely in the gym bag, has lots of great swim workouts and best yet, the pages are waterproof so you can take it to the pool and have it right there! Brilliant!!

I mean just about everyone I know that has been in the sport long enough knows about the book! I can understand an age grouper not knowing, but a coach? I wouldn't trust a coach unless they knew of this book.

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