Monday, December 6, 2010

training results are finally showing

Its amazing really, how fast the positive results from training can come.  In my case its not weight loss, which most people (including myself) are looking for.  Its the other things like stress relief, and the simple mental break from a long work day.  For me this is extremely important.  This past year I had taken a break from serious training since I was not doing triathlons.  The result was that my training was not quit regular.

As a result of this lapse in my training,  I have gained weight, and have for the first time EVER had to go on medication to regulate my blood pressure.  Up until a few weeks ago, even the meds were not completly controlling my BP.  I was thinking of going back to the dr to re-assess the meds.  However, Since I resumed my training, my BP has now suddenly settled itself.  It is down to normal.  I am still taking the meds but with the assistance of the workouts my BP is finally under control.  With a few more months of this, If it remains the same, I will see if I can get off the meds completly.  I expect my BP may be something I have to battle if only because its a family issue.  But I have thus far never been affected by it until I stopped training.

Anyhow it was real nice treat to see a real positive effect from my training.  In regards to weight its also headed in the right direction.  Not that I am out of control weight wise, but still I can be categorized as overweight.  I have gained almost 15 lbs in the past year and a half since I stopped training. Since resuming my training I have lost 3 of those, so I still have a long way to go.  But its looking good.

Sometimes when you train for a goal like triathlons, you forget about the real positive side effects about that lifestyle.  This was a nice reminder.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good week

Well this was a pretty good week for getting back into training.  I have been away from full out tri training for more than a year.  So this week I just made sure to get in 2 bikes on the trainer and a couple of runs in.  Doing this made me realize I have been so completly out of touch from training.  It took me an hour to get the gear I needed for the trainer.  The pain in rump from riding that lasted a week also told me I have grown "soft".  None the less, it felt great.  Thats the funny thing about training, before I resumed I figured I am training for only some sprint tri's or Oly's at best.  By this mornings run I was thinking of the REV3 full distance LOL  I guess once an ironman,....

Anyhow, amongst the other things that this training has brought on is this.  I go to do christmas shopping and end up with MORE workout clothes and only like 2 things for other people.  WTF?  Does Tri training invariably make us selfish?  Or is it that I am just really feeling a pull to get back into the sport?

Cant wait to see what else has changed in the tri world.  Its almost like starting all over, with a little experience under my belt.  Hmmmm maybe should check out the latest GPS tools available....


Monday, November 22, 2010

The trainer revisited

It has been well over a year since I was on a trainer.  I was awaiting this day with great anticipation. For me there is nothing that represents being in "Training" more than riding a trainer.  Why?

Well because if anyone is willing to inflict such a mind numbing experience as sitting on a bike for an extended period of time, then you had better have a serious goal!

Well my first "ride" did not disappoint!  It was about as dull as a watching leaves turn color.  But IT FELT GREAT!

It was only 60 minutes.  But it was enough to make me realize I have to get my bag of tricks out for longer rides.  But none the less it felt great to be back in training.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brazil is being accomodating

So here I am again, travelling.  This time I am in Sao Paulo Brazil.  Oddly enough desoite being several Thousand miles from home in NYC, I still end up in Brooklyn.  No Kidding!! The office and hotel is located in the "Brooklin Novo", or "New Brooklyn" neighborhood  :)

Anyhow, I had plans to resume triathlon training once I returned late in November.  I was especially looking forward getting back in the pool.  Which is why I was so pleasntly surprised to find THIS!!

Yes!! its not only a pool...its a LAP POOL!!  I was so psyched!!  This is not normal in a hotel.  At least not the ones I have stayed in.  And this was s surprise because the hotel does not have a whole lot of information on its website.

Now of course its not perfect, its only about 15 yards long and only about 2 1/2 feet deep ( my fingers touch bottom during my swim stroke)  BUT it works for what I need now which is to get conditioned again.

Now don't get me started on why an organization would build such a small and clearly not well though out pool.  You need at least 20 meters/yards to be acceptable for lap swimming.  And should be deep enough to not interfere with your swim stroke.  And yet these are all over the place.  I dont mean just in hotels.  In NYC the NYSC has a club with a 15 meter lap pool also.  Why?  Who the heck knows.  I cant believe it but I think the people building these gyms simply dont do any research.  The best example was a Gym in NYC, that advertised it had a lap pool.  I called over the phone and of course they would tell me nothing about price over the phone, and the guy I spoke to could not tell me the size of the pool.  So I went to check it out.

Low and behold they had a pool that was 10x 15 yards.  But here is the amazing part, the lanes were set to go ACROSS instead of length wise, so the lanes were 10 yards long.  It was actually built that way because the lanes were actually tiled in on the floor and the ropes built in to match.  What a WASTE!!

I mean folks, if you plan on building a lap pool all it takes is TO DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH!!

OK, griping over.  Back to Brazil...Its decent as hotel pools go, and I already got in and did 45 minutes of swimming.  It was GREAT!   The work here will be a BIATCH, with a giant workload, but at least I will get to relax and get some workouts in the pool.  SO I am happy about that.

Anyways, Im out for now.  Ciao

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lost in my own world

Its funny, I have been doing Triathlon for 5 years, I am a certified triathlon coach, an Ironman.  Yet as a Seek to resume triathlon after a 1 year break, I actually feel a bit out of my realm.  Very strange.  And also kind of exciting.  I guess much has to do with the fact I have moved since I last trained so finding the polls and such is different.  Cycling is different.  I now live in cycling route restricted Manhattan, as opposed to Westchester with all the open roads.  Seriously, no comparison.  LOVE riding in Westchester..HATE riding in Manhattan.

Its just different.  Just the same I enjoy this feeling.  This is again an adventure. This is what I had hoped to recapture.  I want the joy and spirit of entering an adventure.  I want to feel the thrill when looking out at the open water as I wait for the starting gun.

My main challenge this year is that I am a bit short on cash.  But come to think about it, that has always been the case haha.  I have always been the"low tech" triathlete amongst my friends.  So I had a challenge finding low cost pool alternatives in NYC. The best public pool in teh city , riverbank, is on the west side and I am on the east side.  it would take 30-40 minutes for me to get there.  When tight on time, thats alot.  Asphalt green is great, but expensive.  So I found 2 options I am using.  Through groupon ( I got a 1 month membership to the 92nd st Y for only 29 bucks! So I am starting off with that after I return from my business trip to Brazil.  Then after that I will head to Baruch college where they have a membership for $300 for 6 months.  Just long enough to get in proper shape, and cheap enough to give me a chance to budget for it.  Which will work well.  I am excited.

Triathon, Im coming home.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Urban Dare September 2010

Well I have totally been out when it comes to updating this Blog.  In part its because this Blog was about training for an Ironman.  Well with that mission accomplished, and no real triathlons in the works maintaining this Blog has fallen off.

That does not mean I have been out of the racing loop completely.  This year was really a year to regroup and sort of plan for next year.  I did the nine required NY RR races and 1 volunteer day to qualify for the NYC marathon in 2011.  And yesterday I did something a bit different, I participated in the "Urban dare" ( race in NYC.

This race is very much like Amazing race, only without any TV or promise of a big prize at the end.  It was tons of fun, with 11 clues that took us around Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Locations were generally found clues.  Then going there and either doing a dare, or taking a picure of the location. 

Lots of fun overall.

change in Domain name

Well it has been a while since I have posted.  In fact since then, my domain has expired.  No real interest in spending the money to renew or get a new one.  So for now I will blog through:


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#i8this status update

A progress report on my #i8this challenge is in order I think.

So far this week I have been solid in eating salad before dinner. In fact last night Salad WAS dinner. I had a Grilled Chicken Ceasar salad. Also this morning I had a banana, in fact have had one every morning this week. As for hydration I have managed to have at least 4 cups per day. Still need to up that a bit, but it is an improvement.

Doing these things has been working out great in that I really have been able to keep portions down at dinner time. The salad step really has made a difference.

My overall goal is to get back to “race weight” so to speak. I have about 8 lbs to lose. But I am not really targeting losing 8 lbs. What I am targeting are the habits that will help me get there. Its all about setting the right goals. Set an overall objective, and then the individual goals that will get me to the overall objective. The individual goals should be such that if I meet the goals, then the overall objective is a given.

Now these goals for the i8this challenge would by themselves not get me to my overall goal of losing 8 lbs, but they help me achieve one of the areas that would, which is to eat healthier. To lose the weight I also need to throw in a good solid workout regimen, which coincidentally I have done also :)

So basically, it looks like this: to lose 8 lbs

1) Eat healthier by managing portion control, improving my water intake, and eating more fruits. By doing this I would be eating a bit less of the stuff that are fatty. And eating stuff that would help my body work better.

2) Workouts to keep body and mind strong and also more pertinent to my objective, to burn fat, and build muscles that will in turn burn MORE fat.

If I accomplish these two, then losing the weight should be automatic. We shall see.

Monday, April 19, 2010

4 Miler race goal and mind games

I set out Sunday morning to achieve a specific goal for this race, the "Race for parks" race. I wanted to finish in 30 minutes or less. I almost made it. I finished in 30:09. CRAP But was still happy with it

Its not that this was a goal race of mine, because it wasn’t. But I have been slowly migrating from a “I am just running these races to get 9 races under my belt so I can qualify for the 2011 NYC Marathon” approach to a more “I want to do as good as I can” approach. For me that requires setting up a goal for myself.

Up until now I have been running, not really training. So speed goals just were not part of the equation. But I have now committed myself to doing 1:45 in the Brooklyn half marathon on May 22. I have a good base to go on, so now I am focusing on building some speed. These 4 mile races are perfect as a measure because there are so many of them. It will allow me to see progress.  Last week I did the "Run as one" 4 miler and did it in 32:01. I did that race just to do it. I put in an effort and was tired at the end, so It was not goofing off really.  But this past Sunday It was different, I raced with intent. The funny part is, I was just as tired after each of the races. And they were only a week apart so fitness wise nothing I did could have made a different. But by having a strategy and having “ Intent” I shaved basically 2 minutes off my time.

So you wonder if the head game matters during a race? It matters A lot!

Now wait till I actually have some training behind me when I get to the next 4 miler. I have another coming up in June 6, the Japan run. I plan on finishing it in 28 minutes.

So lets see if I can manage to combine Intent with training and pull this off.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Running groups

One of the things I have always known to be true, its easier to train when you share the pain with others. This past tuesday I joined in on a run with Team Continuum, a group whose mission is to provide immediate and vital, non-medical, assistance to cancer patients and their families where the diagnosis results in disruption, hardship and uncertainty in their everyday lives. One of the ways they raise funds is through training fundraisers who in turn participate in marathons and other endurance events. Their head coach is my friend and professional Triathlete John Hirsch.

It was a great group that meets on Tuesdays at 6:30. They have runners of different skills so it was easy to find runners at my level. I was suppossed to meet Holisticguru there but she suffered yet another tragedy on the way there, this time it was her phone hehe This is better than her more recent accidents such suffering habitual concussions due to running accidents either from her gentle dog dragging into oblivion, or those crazy tree roots leaping out of the ground. ("look out here comes another tree!" hehe).

Anyhow, its important to find folks to train with, at least for me. It connects me to others who want the same. I also belong to a group called "The Reservoir Dogs", a fun group that meets several times a week for runs. They usually end up in a bar for a drink after their runs, or for breakfast on Saturdays. My kind of group!

Looking forward to more runs with both of these groups.

New Challenges!

WOW! its been forever since I posted anything on here. Well life has been eventful for me. As some may know I have been in the midst of MANY changes in my life, getting divorced, having moved out on my own into NYC etc. Many BIG changes. But not all have been bad. Been doing some travel for work which includes going to Amsterdam which was a blast.

Anything things are for now seemingly settling a bit and its time to get moving on personal goals! For one I have registerred for a half Marathon on May 22, and I have to get a serious training plan together. I have not been idle and have at least kept running and been building up my running distance. But I would like to do better than 1:45 which will take a serious effort on my part. here I come!


Also I need to improve my overall health. Not due to any serious issue, but I could lose a few pounds, and improve my overall diet. So I taking my pals @holisticguru 's #I8this challenge.

For me my goals are simple,

1) I need to add more greens to my diet
2) eat more fruit
3) hydrate more

These are relatively simple but yet I am lousy at all of these. I am perpetually dehydrated. And rarely eat any greens at all. I also am trying to get back to 160 which is closer to a normal weight for me. thats 10 lbs. If I stick to those three objectives above AND maintain my training regimen, I WILL lose the 10 lbs in time.

SO so far I have made it a point of having Salad BEFORE having dinner. Done this 3 days straight. The purpose was 1) I get my greens in when I am hungriest, 2) by doing this I am less hungry when I get to the main portion of my meal ( ie I am able to stick to a reasonable meal instead of over eating)

Have made it a point to have a fruit in the morning for breakfast, also when I am hungry.

Finally I am adding water midday during the day, this also helps keep hunger in check, so I do not go off buying a candybar. Helps me meet my hydrating goal too! Its a win win!!

Well that it, will keep you posted on progress!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running in Central Park

So this morning I decided to hit Central park for a run despite the snow. The running group I recently joined (The Reservoir Dogs) has a scheduled group run every Saturday morning, and today was no exception. So I decided to join them for some training company. Something I am sorely missing since uprooting out of Westchester, where I had my training peeps.

There was a 6 mile run on the schedule, and about 12 people showed up. This is the second run with them and they appear pretty consistent. They are really a training/social group. They go for their runs, but also hook up afterwards for breakfast or drinks on evening runs. So far I like them.

The funny thing about being in a new group is that you are almost interrogated about your training and racing history. I was running with a guy who is a triathlete, so we had lots of war stories to swap. You know you have done alot when you can relate to almost every story a bunch of people come up with.

One good thing about running in a group, at least for me is I get motivated to run harder than I normally would on my own. Too bad that was not my goal. Cause I ran moderately hard at 8 min miles today when I really wanted an easier run ( Like 9 Min/mile). Oh well.

But I did get to get a background of the wonderful Central Park. For example I finally got to know how Cat Hill got to be named that way. Its cause of this:

Thats Right! Its a Black Panther!! Sitting waiting to pounce on you!! Its been waiting a loong time! Its neat, to have all these little points of interest sitting around to discover. Makes my run a little interesting. The Panther lies in the middle of the hill, on the east side starting on 80th street. I was told its bad luck to run by and not greet the cat.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible Olympic sports?

To be honest, When I watch Curling I cant fathom why this is an Olympic sport. I just dont see it as requiring any level of athletic conditioning. I know we can say that maybe any competition should be considered sport. I saw somewhere that so long as there is an organized world governing body, and a history of world championships then it qualifies.

I wonder is Chess an Olympic sport? Bowling? at least that requires physical skill.

Anyhow I propose a few others that could be exciting:

Underwater ICE Hockey!!

Yep, put on a wetsuit, work your way UNDER the ice, and play upside down with a Puck that floats against the ice.

Or if this seems too cold for you, how about simple underwater hockey

Then of course for an alternative Track and Field event, There is TUNA Throwing!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Off and running

Howdy folks! I have been away for quite awhile. Mostly letting life settle down, coaching some athletes and just chilling. But the time has come to resume training. I have selected a couple of races to shoot for:

The Scotland run (10K) in April
The Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon in May

One very refreshing thing about registering for these, they were only $18 and $25 respectively!! Compared to triathlons this just felt like It was a give away!

On another note, I ran last night for the first time with a running group I recently joined, "The Reservoir Dogs" ( ) Yes it is a running group and NOT the movie.

It was a nice 5 mile recovery run, and well organized. Best yet I finally saw the Cat for which "Cat" hill is named :) They seem like a great group and look forward to running with them more.

Its nice to be training again

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strength Training

OK so over the winter I decided that I would focus on running speed and strength. Especially leg strength, which will help me with cycling strength later on. At the moment I dont have my bikes with me so I cannot throw down with a bike on a trainer, but this makes for a good alternative in the meantime. So following this thought process, I decided to take on ....THE TWO HUNDRED SQUAT CHALLENGE!!

Doing the initial test I found that I was fairly weak at these, so I believe its a great area to build up on and improve. Lets see how it goes, so far the first week was easy. However, I know this wont last.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help Haiti, Help yourself!

As mentioned in my earlier post I have been mulling ideas for supporting the releif efforts in Haiti. My search has brought me to one charity that I have supported in the past through volunteering locally. Its habitat for humanities, and personally I cant think of a better way to help those in Haiti, who have lost their homes, than by at least providing a safe shelter.

Habitat is addressing shelter solutions for low-income families affected by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. Habitat’s ability to respond effectively to this disaster will require support from donors, corporate partners and other community organizations.

More information is available on their website

So here is what I propose:

$30/30 minutes

I am offering a 1/2 hour consultation to anyone who donates $30 or more to Habitat for Humanities' Haiti efforts. All you need to do is forward to me the confirmation of the donation that you receive from Habitat, it should be dated from today January 23, and after. Send the confirmations to my email:

I am doing this from now to February 15

So Who am I? This from my Coaching website

Javier Gomez - Triathlon Coach, USAT Level 1 Certified

Javier has been a Triathlete for a number of years, having raced dozens of triathlons, most recently Ironman Lake Placid. For the past 2 years he has been a coach and has lead the beginners triathlon program for Race with Purpose ( Javier also coaches individual clients with a variety of experience levels.

Ideas of what you can achieve with a one hour consultation:
setup a rudimentary plan for the year, get feedback about your training, ideas for workouts, learn how to prioritize your races, get feedback about your current plans and refine them.

These are just some ideas. More to come-

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Time for Action

So much of my life this past few months has been about recovering and simply dealing with my own personal issues in my life. It has in fact forced me to put aside those things I love to do like triathlons and coaching, simply to be able to garner the energy to make it on a daily basis. It has been a time of inward focus.

But as Winston Churchill once said "Evil wins when good men do nothing".

There is now a true tragedy going on in Haiti, and it is in Biblical proportions. There are so many efforts going on by Governments and organizations that it is so easy to think "someone else will take care of it". But that is dangerous, if we all take that train of thought then the assistance that this country and its people needs will falter.

I started coaching through Race with purpose, an organization that brought athletes and a need to help the world together. This concept really worked for me, who has always volunteered at various things throughout my life. Lately the programs and the organization has been dormant. It seems to me the time as come to shake the cobwebs off, and start taking action.

I have been communicating with Adam, the founder and head coach of RwP, to try and figure how to respond to this. It was nice to see he had his own wheels turning around this problem as well. Lets see where this leads.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strength Training

Now that I am fully recovered from my surgery, I am now working to get back into shape and setup my fitness for hard training. I have decided to start with a Strength focussed month to establish a good strength base.

Basically I started last night with crunches and scissor kicks for core, and calf raises, lunges and pushups for strength. This is a light routine for the first week and will buildup over the next few weeks. One indicator though that I direly need this, is that the Lunges truly hurt. I had to pull back on these or risk injury.

I made sure to stretch afterwards because I felt incredibly tight after the workout.

This workout felt good and I feel I will enjoy these workouts due to the short amount of time required.