Saturday, December 8, 2007

Offseason Weight

Well its back! The offseason weight that I was so happy to have shed has returned. I am back to 165 lbs. I guess I can't say I am surprised. I have been eating like no how ( don't ask me what "like no how" means, i just heard someone say that). In my peak shape right before Tupper Lake last year I weighed 158 which was the lowest I have weiged in possibly 15 years. However, for my frame ( 5' 6") I believe the recommended weight is 140, so I was still overweight.

However, for some reason I just feel 140 would be scrawney for me. So really my goal is more like 150. That should help me get rid of the belly too. And most importantly...My power to weight ratio !! Better hill climbing! At some point I'll work on some nutrition plan. But for now I believe acknowledging the problem took more out of me than I expected. Better go have a bagel ;)


Anonymous said...

your gains are less then 8% which is fine. You are right that strength to weight matters but really BMI aka % body fat is what you should worry more about. Ideal is 5% bf, but I never hit that and I do ok :)


Coach said...

I can say that because I'm back up there with you as well. I think I sabotaged my eating when Wally was going through his fight. Tiem to get back on the wagon.