Friday, January 9, 2009


I decided to take a day off today. I am almost exhilarated about it. I think that says allot about how I feel about work in general. My job is actually pretty decent at the moment, last year there were some pretty stressful times but I think that just is part of the normal annual cycle. Early in the year there is that perceived "no worries we have a year to finish stuff" feel, making for a nice easy environment. The as we approach the end of the year it starts to become a festival of torture and death threats if a project goes over budget, possibilities of not making our annual targets etc. ( NOTE: There aren't really death threats...well most of the time there aren't. the torture that's for real)

So after the end of last year I was very pleased to find that I had somehow managed to find that there was a whole week of vacation that I somehow managed not to take. So being that I am allowed to carry over 5 of those days, I did. The beauty is that I am required to use these in the first quarter of the year or lose them. So I made a decision to plan these suckers out Waaay ahead of time to make sure they happen. This is really the best time to take a day off because I am home actually enjoying it instead of sitting around worrying that a project is falling behind because I am not actively working on it.

So today I will in a very leisurly fashion mosey on over to the pool. Get in, maybe say hello to someone for a change, and do my one hour workout. And you know what? I will enjoy it.

I may even have a beer today...During LUNCH!!

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PJ said...

Those types of days off are the best. And I hear you on the swim -- it's so much more relaxing to swim when you're stressed about getting back to work and having time to get it all done.