Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Well its 2009 and we still do not have flying cars as expected 40 years ago! Bummer.

But anyhow despite that I am still hoping for a good year, for me my goals are pretty simple ( NOTE: I said Goals NOT "resolutions", I am a triathlete after all and there are no "resolutions" in a training plan :))

My goals are:

1) BE an Ironman, Last year I was supposed to have accomplished this in IM Wisconsin, but my unfortunate Cycling accident in July of last year killed those plans, SO no wits IM Lake Placid in July. I have a Plan and I am sticking to it!

2) Start a very small coaching practice. I started coaching last year for beginners on behalf of Race with purpose, I liked it. This year I will continue with that but maybe take on a few private clients. No more than 3 or 4 and my focus is on folks starting out and doing races no higher than Half IM's. This is not to replace my current job but to really enhance my coaching skills and also help subsidize my triathlon related expenses.

3) By IMLP I want to be back below 160 lbs. I feel my best performance will come when I am down to around 155lbs.

4) Continue to truly enjoy the great adventure that being a triathlete has brought to me. This is really why I do this, there are other ways to stay fit and healthy, but few that bring you the completely awesome friendships that are built on shared adventures and common goals of doing crazy things like taking a long swim in freezing cold water, or running 20+ miles for the hell of it.

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ramster said...

Have a great year, Javier. I am looking forward to sharing in your adventure.