Friday, January 2, 2009

Its Official!

According to the BMI Calculator found HERE I was rated as a "Fat bastard":

OK maybe not Officially a "Fat Bastard", but thats pretty close wouldn't you agree?!

Of course the standard BMI calculator is flawed for athletes because it does not take into account Amazing muscle tissue and such. Also, Lets not forget I have a Metal Plate on my shoulder that is STAINLESS STEELE!!! that must add weight also. Rat bastard surgeons! I asked for the ultra low-weight Carbon Fiber plate but Noooo....

Anyhow, although I am sure the BMI calculator is WRONG, because really my Ideal weight could be as low as 116lbs? Please thats the weight of my steel plate alone!

But none the less the 170.5 lbs is real and my own best performance has come when I was under 160. So I have 10 lbs to lose before IMLP. Guess no more cupcakes for dinner ;)


Jamie said...

BMI is crap. And body weight doesn't count between November and February 1 anyway. Have to have time to shed all that holiday food!

Kona Shelley said... more cupcakes for me too!

Chadwick said...

I'm right there with you. My BMI is just a hair under 27, but I'm about 2 inches taller. This whole BMI thing sucks.

Lost 20lbs last year - doc says I need to lose another 20 this year. Time to get serious about it. Goal is 150.

My vices are Cokes and Funyuns, so until I see 150 they are out of my life.

Good luck... Keep us posted.