Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because being an Ironman is just not enough

November 20, 2008 -- Germany’s Andreas Büscher, 47, is the 2008 winner of the men’s division of the Quintuple Iron Challenge in Monterrey, Mexico. Büscher completed the 12-mile swim, 560-mile bike and 131-mile event in an unofficial time of 103 hours, 40 minutes and 1 second.

What the? I wonder what the annual training plan hours are for this thing? If you took my 700 x 5 thats 3500 hours.

Hmmm...I think I'll pass

Here is the article


Strouter said...

That's insane.

HolisticGuru said...

Yah... when I finished my first Quintuple Iron Challenge I was pretty tired the next day. I never would have made it through the race without the Operation Ironman QIM training plan. I highly recommend it for anyone that feels ready to train 36 hours a day, 10 days per week!