Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jack of all trades

Sometimes I surprise even my self at what I may take up and learn to do. during the last two weeks my mom was visiting and she happens to have been professionally trained as a seamstress. She only did it for a living briefly many years ago, but she keeps up her skills.

Anyhow, while she was here we planned to put her to work to earn her Holiday meal ;) Well that was the plan, but somehow it backfired. She needed a sewing machine so we went out and bought a cheap Singer at Target. Somehow despite my original devious intentions and after much negotiating and haggling, with a smattering of guilt, I ended up learning how to sew and ended up making the following pillow cover, along with freaken curtains!

Look at the trimmings on the back!

I have to say, with this addition to my arsenal of skills, I am quit handy to have around. Need a diamond ring set? I'll whip out my jewelers bench kit that I have tucked in the basement somewhere. I was the "metal smith" that put together allot of my wife's earlier jewelry designs.

Have a leak in the basement? Don't look anywhere else! I'll break out my plumbing box that has the pipe cutters, and solder supply and I'll switch out the pipe in a jiffy! Need a Blanket? WHy I'll spit out a blanket that I create by taking your old jeans and sewing them together to keep ya warm!

I am pretty handy to have around! yes sir!

In fact I think if I were a woman I would be pretty turned on by myself right now!

OK now that I am over myself, here is a gratuitous "Cute" picture of the Cookie monster from this morning ( I can even take pictures!)


ramster said...

dude thats hot.would you consider laser hair removal?

Javier said...

Thats item #3 on my list ;)