Saturday, January 24, 2009


As mentioned before my cats have developed a not so charming "catch-and-release in the bedroom" program of rodent control. This forced us to take direct action. First we called Orkin, out exterminator that we have a contract with. The guy came around and laid a dozen glue traps all over the place. When I got home I went around and removed them.

Glue traps are just plain EVIL in my mind. I would rather use the old fashioned snap trap that kills instantly rather than have this little thing stuck on glue until it dies of hunger or rips its guts out trying to pull itself free.

So instead we got these live catch traps that lures the mouse in and with food and once their weight is on the lever the door shuts. I got 2 from PETA seen below in a successful Capture. And one from Home depot that is actually more successful since the spring is more sensitive.

It took a little experimentation on seeing what works. First I followed Marmalade since he knows all the good "fishing holes". And placed the traps there. Then to find good bait. Much to my surprise cheese is not that great of a bait ( All of that Tom and Jerry education was a WASTE!). It seems they prefer grains. I would leave cheese there and it would just go hard over a few days. Put a piece of bread on the ground though, and its scooped up pretty fast.

Since using these we have not seen a single mouse alive unless its in the trap. We really didn't have a major problem, in fact we did not know of a problem at all until Marmalade brought it to our attention. I release them down by the reservoire, they probably die from exposure but at least they have a fighting chance. This little dude immediatly ran out and started to munch on some old pumpkin that someone tossed out.

Anyhow here is the latest Catch:

In case you are wondering I put the trap ontop of "Going Long" by Joe Friel in case he wanted some reading material while he waited to be released. I mean there is no need to be cruel right? :)


HolisticGuru said...

Ooooohhhh. Look at those big eyes. He's so cute! You should keep him.

MandyB said...

As soon as the weather turned cold, I had a few "visitors" myself. Glad to see you were able to solve the problem so fast - and introduce some healthier lifestyle habits into the mouse community.

Javier said...

Yes the mouse activity is probably related to the cold. So I expect to see more for the next few months. I just hope they dont really take to the IM training plans in the Friel book, cause it might make them faster, and leaner. Thus making them too light to spring the traps.