Saturday, January 17, 2009

8 Below zero

It was friggin cold this morning. But 8 Below zero was just not enough to stop me from Running. Luckily my pal Phil is just as crazy. So at 7AM We headed out accompanied by super-dog Simba for a 1 hour run on the trail near Phils house.

It was a great run on packed snow, which is like running in sand. we held a pretty good pace the first half which helped warm us up. But it was so cold outside that our sweat and condensation was freezing up. Phil was wearing a black cap that was literally iced over by the time we finished the run. Our eyebrows were frosted like you see in the movies when someone gets stranded in some barren Ice wasteland. Simba had an ice beard growing ( See Below). Overall a great run, but I dont really recommend doing this for any longer than we were out. I seriously think we would have ended up with frostbite.


Philip LaVoie said...

yeah man, that was cold. simba rocked it tho.

PJ said...

Simba looks a little bit scary there.