Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Humanitarian Cats

Looking at the photo below it looks like marmalade, one of my two cats would would have a score to settle....

It seems in the winter the field mice come in to the house cause its cold. Well Marmalade lately he has taken to catching little field mice in the basement, and bringing them up to our bedroom and letting them go. There does not seem to be many we in fact have not seen a single one except for the ones Marmalade shows us.

Anyways his little habit got wife just a little freaked out!!.

She is terrified of mice, rats whatever rodent you can think of. However she is a PETA member and does not believe in Glue traps.

Figures Marmalade would be one of HER cats, he has his own little "catch and release" program going on.


ramster said...

that is very cute. maybe you could leave a little snack out for the mice, some cheese maybe?

in my house, i am sure my dog would swallow the mouse whole.

Chadwick said...

Great Picture - I'm sure Marmalade was daydreaming of that chipmunk steak waiting for him on the other side of the glass.