Friday, January 30, 2009

My core is sore

Great core routine Here thanks to Chistine ( HolisticGuru ) for showing me this page.

As the article states, a strong core is essential to help your body transfer power from the upper to lower body efficiently. The fact is as athletes the traditional way to workout, focusing upper body(arms, back, shoulders) lower body, abs etc is not really efficient. When you are racing or training you are engaging muscles that are not being trained by the traditional means. When you are cycling and hit a hill that requires you get out of the seat. You are not only using your legs to push harder, you are also using your upper body to pull yourself up and hold you there, to help rock the bike side to side as you push up the hill, and you core is engaged through out. Helping with the transfer of power. A good strong core will help you maintain this position longer and help you keep good form while doing it. A weak one will force you to sit back down and slow down.

Anyhow, and lets face it the awesome abs do look good, when you can see them :)

Here is are soem other links to good core exercise


The Tri Runner said...

Thanks for the links. I’m always looking to do something more than just crunches.

Kellie said...

Very cool post! I know how important core is but it always seems to slip in my weekly workouts! Thanks!