Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sometimes it takes a dog to get you going

Lately work stress has made it hard to get workouts in. Even when I have the time for something like a run, which I do day or night cold or warm. The other day I was home a little late from work, and I had a run to do. No matter how much prep I did something seemed to get in the way of getting out the door. Finally it was 8:30 PM and although all was clear to go, I just lost interest. ITS COLD! I just REALLY wanted to stay sitting on the warm cozy sofa and nap out. Then, just then,

Simba puts her head on my lap.

I shoo her off.

She starts tapping me with her paw.

"Get away"

She then resorts to the Nuclear weapon in her arsenal...The squeeky ball. She must know I hate thatthing

I take it and throw it

She brings it back "SQUUEEEEK SQUUEEEEEK ....... SQUEEEEEEEK!!"

"OK!!!! DAMNIT!!! Get your freaken leash!!!

So I go run with Simba, an hour later I feel great having gotten my workout in, Felt awesome on the run once I warmed up, and Simba is satisfied having yet again manipulated the situation in her favor.

Freaken Border collie mixes, too damned smart

However I did get the workout in, that dog is a great coach.


ramster said...

oh yeah the dreaded squeaky toy. My pup gets two or sometimes three of them in her mouth at once, and squeaks out chords. lately she has started sitting outside the room while i meditate. squeak. squeak. squeak squeak. GAAAAAAAAA.

HolisticGuru said...

I think Simba posts on her blog that you make a great pet :)

Javier said...

I think she posts that she owns me, and that I make a lousy running partner, since she has to slow down for me.