Saturday, February 2, 2008

Workout Today

Todays scheduled workout was 16 Miles base run

Actual 16.2 miles
time 2:38:30
Max HR 155
Ave HR 141
Max Pace 7:37
Ave pace 9:47
Calories Burned 1543
My Polar Running Index is 60 ("very good" per Polar)

I ran with Simba who continues to amaze me with her endurance. I was worried that going 16 might be too much. I have taken her on long runs before but not 16. Man was I wrong, she led me the whole way from beginning to end. A true running dog. The run was on teh North County trailway which is pretty flat, saw Phil and Kate out there also (WAY TO GO KATE!). I have to ask them about the success of the heated sox that we all invested in to keep our feet warm on the rides. Teh beauty of running local liek this is I was home 3 hours after I left.

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