Friday, February 8, 2008

Early Morning Swim

Well I had a short swim to do today so I decided to do am early morning swim at the club. I have never done it because of time constraints, but since I am working from home today I had some time. So I gotthere about 6:30AM and three of the lanes were taken, but one was available just for me.

Since I am in a recovery week I only had 30-45 minute swim to do.

I did 40 minutes

6x75 WU
300 cool down
Total 1250 meters

Last night I also did a short swim, to try and catch up with my missed workout. I did not have much time because I got home late and was goingto have to pick Up Retno at the Train station.

So I did

300 WU
4x200 ( 150 Sw, 50 Paddles)
300 CD

Total 1400

Forgot to start the time so don't know exactly how long I went it was about 40-45 min

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