Thursday, February 7, 2008

Race with Purpose

OK so I am pretty stoked about my future involvement with Race with Purpose. Here is a little blurb from their website:

Race with Purpose seeks to train everyday people to achieve extraordinary athletic accomplishments while they raise crucial funds for youth-wellness charities. This organization is committed to putting our passion for running and triathlon to work, to inspire others to do the same. Through our actions, we create opportunities for both children and adults to live healthy, active, and productive lives.

I have over the past couple of years had informal involvement with them thanks to training with Adam who is the founder of the organization. However last year I was doing fundraising with TNT ( through my company) and so I was not in the position to do more fundraising. However I did participate in the Tupper lake race with them.

They are a great bunch of people who's mission is to build this wonderful organization that IS helping in the fight against obesity and other youth wellness issues. Well this year my involvement is going the next level. First I am training for the IM Wisconsin and raising funds for RwP. And Am naturally going to be doing Tupper again with them. Which will be fun doing the "Musical beds" game where we find out who will have beds in teh house or not. Last year I lucked out and had a sophisticated bed with room all to myself!

But more important is that I have been helping Adam put together a beginners triathlon program to be run out of the gym he teaches spin and core at. I will also be helping to coach them during the 12 week program. I am stoked about that. Of course time availability will always be an issue with me. And Travel too. But I will find a way.

Its nice to be a part of something bigger than you are.

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