Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boston Buildup 20K

Well did teh Boston Buildup 20 K this morning. I met up there with the Race with Purpose crew and we headed out when the race started. Not really expecting much from this race, I just wanted to get out on a race course. Funny enough this one simply does not seem like one. Its not the most organized race I've been to. Meaning they just moved the starting line from one side of the tracks to the other on a whim.

Anyhow I started off with the crew just chatting along for the first few miles. Then when we hit the 10K mark I figured to turn it on a bit to see what kind of speed I could muster up at the end.

I did OK More stats will come later. I know the pace we had in the beginning was about 8:50

When I finished my ave pace was 8, so my pace in the second half was probably in the 7's

ACtual time for the run 1:43:05 which is roughly 8:17/Mile

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Strouter said...

Hey Javier - it was fun to run with you! Hope your knee is feeling OK. Great job!! Thanks for being my running buddy yesterday.