Friday, February 1, 2008


Last night a realization simply struck me that just added meaning to my life! I was at a Race with Purpose meeting for new triathletes. I was there because I am a volunteering to help these folks out by I guess coaching them in what NOT to do.

Anyhow, Adam was showing a slide about how to purchase a bike and the discussion turned to cheap bikes and such. Then the term came up "Don't be that guy who buys a bike for $200 and invests $1000 to upgrade it, to end up with a bike worth $500".....I suddenly realized...HEY THATS ME!! They came to the topic of don't do anything new right before a race, because inevitably it will cost you...I DO THAT ALL THE TIME!! They are right you pay a heavy price for doing that! two years ago I decided it would be great to run without socks, I would shave off a good 45 second on T2. Of course I decided to test this out 2 days before the race. I ran for 5 miles without socks and ended up developing blisters. I ran with those suckers during the sprint 2 days later. it HURT!

Anyhow after the meeting, I ran home and picked up one of my Triathlon for beginner books, man oh man! I am all over the place! In the swim..Don't be the person who races off at the beginning only to run out of breath half way through...In the run...Don't buy the generic department store shoes... you will hurt your feet. This is all me! Suddenly I realized I am famous! :)

Now if you happen to swim up in White Pond you may have heard from the local fishermen there about a guy who last fall was having a battle royal with a paper bag in the middle of the lake. That also was me, but they LIE. It was a Target Plastic shopping bag and it meant business. You know one of the gigantic ones they give you when you buy a pencil. I was swimming along nicely minding my own business, I happened to develop a leak in my goggles so I could not se clearly. I swam a bit close to the edge, when suddenly something simply grabbed my left arm and would not let go! I realized this thing meant business when after a shake of my arm it hung on. So I went into evasive action and layed into it. I was into my second Tarzan roll in the water ( you know the one in "Tarzan Vs the Nile crocodile"), when I realized that it was a bag. Now you may be laughing but that was great training for a swim start!

Anyhow, now you know, if you have a potentially knucklehead move you are considerring, shoot me an email, I probably did it already :)

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