Monday, February 11, 2008

Plate is Full

Funny how things work. A month ago there was little going on in my Tri world. Lots of talk from allot of people but little action. I couldn't find a group to ride with unless they were my tried and true training pals, Adam or Phil. So In my desire to expand this and due to a need lately to participate more in the growth of the sport itself I decided to create my own motion by starting a triathlon meetup in Northern Westchester. I figured this would at least stir the pot and bring out more people out of the training alone mode. To a degree it was a success in that within a week I had 15 people join up and express interest in doing something like this. And despite it being February, Actually had a few people come out and ride. So it looks that if I could spend some time this could grow.

But now other opportunities have popped up. My new involvement with Race With Purpose will take up allot of my time. Through them I will teaching newbie's the sport and also working on helping RwP grow in the Triathlon community. Not to mention doing all of this while giving back to the community. Which to be honest that just rocks.

Time being limited for me being that I have a job based in Jersey and my commute simply Sucks, I am training for an Ironman race with the training just now starting to ramp up. All of this while trying to somehow have quality time with my wife at home. Its just too much. So in truth I need to really think about what parts of my Tri life can be consolidated or removed. Must Simplify!

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