Monday, February 18, 2008

Ironman Training Center

The other day I was noodling away on my 2 hour commute from work. I decided it was a good time to finish my plans for the training center that I dream of building in my basement. So this is what I came up with:

So as you enter you will see the "recovery Zone" where there will be a cooler with all pertinent recovery drinks and such. This area of course also has a comfy couch to help the sore muscles ease up and a Large screen TV ( for spinerval DVD's of course).

Behind this is the space for the trainers. Of course I only have one but there is space for two others in case some friends want to train with me ( because this room is sooo rad!)

Behind the bikes is my favorite area, first there is a indoor endless pool, complete with Tornado speed settings for a good workout. I figure initially I will end up pasted to the back of the pool but as I get stronger I would be able to force myself to move forward. Who needs Paddle and flippers when you can condition yourself to swim through a hurricane!

This is all rounded off with a treadmill. To be used mostly by my dog Simba who is a duathlete after all. I realize now that this setup is missing a stretching/core work area but I think teh recovery zone could be converted into one with a press of a buton ( ie. by moving the comy sofa) whichever is easiest :)


Pam said...

love it!

Jameson said...

Love it! You taking orders?