Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Logging and training changes

They say logging is important in order to be able to analyze how well your training is going by being able to see where you have been, and to see what workouts have worked best. This is true I feel. So far I have been using my journal here to log and track my training progress. This was fine during my base phase where I am basically logging alot of miles and meters at pretty much the same effort level. But now as I head into different phases and my training becomes more complex, I feel that blogging is sufficient. I want to be able to analyse my training to be able to judge wether I am acheiving my goals or not. As such I am going to fall back to which is a tool I have used for several years now. It is not perfect but it offers some features that I really like. like teh ability to upload my polar HR information, and second a nutrition tracker that actually provides the ability to compare calories burned vs calories taken in. This is important for my goal of getting down below 150 lbs by June.

Using such a tool is a bit labor intensive, but oddly enough thats what forces me to focus and keep "in" my training. Right now in Base phase to be honest I have not really been 100% behind it. Frankly sometimes its been boring, due to the loooong slooowwww miles. But now my training is starting to Heat up so to speak and Its time for me to get involved.

The link to my training log if anyone is interested in checking it is:

I am still in the midst of setting it up so it may be sketchy looking at the moment.

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