Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Workout today Swim

Planned to do a 3000 + meter workout, but just as I was arriving to teh gym Retno called me to tell me she was not feeling well and was going to be coming home early. Since I pick her up at the station I was going to need to keep the workout shorter than I wanted.

So I kept it to an hour,

WU 300 SW, 200 K, 100 SW, 200K
2x250 ( 100 mod, 50 Fast, 100 Mod)
4x150 ( 50 Mod, 50 fast, 50 Mod)
2x100 ( 25 mod, 50 fast, 25 mod) this was suppossed to be a 4x100 but I ran out of time.

So a total 2100 meters

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