Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indoor ride

Today had a planned ride with Phil. I oiginally hada 2 hour base ride but Phil had 4 hours so I figured I could add a few hours easy. Anyhow after a single step outside it was obvious that it was a windchill of like instant frost so we decided to do this indoor at Phils place.

We started with the Chris Carmichael Time Trial. It was pretty good and the intervals they were doing were pretty good, a nice warmup.

After that we saw "What it takes", and then some cycling race video's

A Long ride, indoor training can be so hard both mentally and physically. But ist good to have good company when doing it. Makes the epic ride go faster.

Her eare the stats

Time 4 Hours
Max HR 184
Ave 136
Calories burned 2186


Pam said...

omg, talk about monotonous! way to go!!!

Strouter said...

Wow - great job! I lasted 90 min. on the trainer today -- one hour of Days of Our Lives and half of Ellen (daytime TV is such a, umm, treat?!...thank goodness for a day off!) :-). Great job!!

Philip LaVoie said...

Another ride in the bank... and better yet, it sure was great to have good company bud!

Anonymous said...

freaks! one of our own, Mike was doing the same thing. What it Takes was disappointing, but I love Reid so anything with him makes me happy.