Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lots of happenings

Well I have been pretty busy with lots of stuff going on. So much so that I have not been able to update my blog here. Fortunately I have a break from painting the bookcase in my study. I am between coats so while the paint dries I will write.

About my training, I have had to cancel my plans for the March 15 marathon. I have a scheduled business trip the week leading up to that weekend and it would just be too hectic flying in and then taking off for Virginia for the race. In fact I have business trips around the other viable Marathons around that time so I have decided I will do a self supported marathon on my own. Its not really critical for my training since the IM is 8 months away. But right now I am on a swim/run focus and I would like to know that I have the distance conquered before the weather gets warmer and the focus turns to cycling.

So I am shooting to do a self supported marathon at the end of March.

On other fronts I have spoken with Adam and have offerred to help him and Race with Purpose put together a beginners Tri program that will be geared to doing a Sprint Triathlon early June. Race to be determined. Adam is still working out the details regarding facilities with the JCC that we trains and does some training for them there.

I am excited about this since I have found that lately I do have a leaning to really enjoying showing others what I know. Its also nice to be doing something to help out the world a little bit. Maybe that means I am leaning towards being a coach one day. Lets see what happens.

On another front, I started a Tri meetup group in Westchester. You know all of those annoying emails that you get if you ever even once peeked into The ones that say there is a meetup starting nearby, that turns out to be like 65 miles away? Well I also get the ones that say "there are 247 people like you who are interested in a Triathlon meetup, why not start one?" well I decide to take them up on it and see if there really are 247 people interested.

So far no, but there has been activity. To be honest it was quite exciting to see all of thes e people sign up and to see responses. Me and Phil had planned to do this ride from Somers so we just invited others along. Turnout is low for this first one, being mostly that its February and I gave like 2 days notice :) But I will plan other gatherings further out and hopefully there will be more activity in those.

Anyhow time for a second coat of paint.


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