Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Workout: Run

On the plan, 1 hour HR range 12-140 with 165 on Hills

Time 58:38
Distance 6.01 mi
Max HR 175 Ave HR 148
Ave Pace 9:46 Max 7:49
Calories burned 626

Overall a good run, I had to restrain myself from running faster. I was really feeling good, like "Rockie" backround music good. Don't ask me why. Simba wasa running with me and as usual she was running well. The idea is not only to train her but to tire her out. I get home thinking OK that will get her nice and relaxed. Then I just decided to tease her a bit and Boom! She starts charging around the house in her Puppy crazies! This went on for like 2 minutes with her racing around baiting me to chase her barking at the cats and generally trying to get anyone to chase her. Clearly this is an endurance running dog. And me I was pooped.

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