Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok well today is a better day than yesterday. This cold/bug/ flu thim-of-a-jig seems to be passing and today my head was clear, though I still had a cough. But MUCHO better.

Also I went to "Sports Doc" to see what the deal is with my left foot. It has actually healed somewhat since I stopped running on it for a few days, so when he was probing around pushing and poking at it, there was not much soreness left. he said that pretty much rules out tendinitis or a fracture. he did take Xrays to be certain and the Xrays showed no breaks of any kind.

he believes I suffered inflammation in the joints of my foot because I am basically flat footed.....errrr.... I pronate to use the technical lingo.

He is of the opinion that adventures like I had here probably served as a starting point to aggravating my foot that is already poorly supported. Not having properly recovered from that adventure I just continued to make it worse as I ran, until the foot was inflamed.

His advise was to give the foot some rest, then resume training, but on a flat soft surface either a dirt road ( not trail since bumps, branches, crevices could aggravate the foot) or treadmill. For at least a week or two. Also take an anti-inflammatory like Aleve, and Ice it.

My coach suggested an Ice bath for the foot. A bucket full of ice and water. Sounds gruesome but if in the long run it helps then so be it.

If the problem persists I may have to try Orthotics.

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Pam said...

John just said that to be mean. He said himself he's surly this time of year.