Monday, January 21, 2008

Day off

Well its a day off from both work ( Thank you MLK) and training. So I find myself in an odd situation, Retno is in school this evening and Wel lI really have nothing to do. There is plenty of home remodel work to do bt we finished out project for this weekend.

So with all of this free time I have done what can only be expected, I have been watching hours of blood and guts fighting. Starting at 8PM with "American Gladiator" and topping the evening with prime "Best UFC Fights of 2007", Just saw Gabriel Gonzaga demolish KroKop, and Rampage Jackson just stunned Chuck Liddel.

Good stuff

Speaking of Chuck, here he is falling asleep during an interview where he is promoting the movie 300. I think he missed his Coffee :)


Philip LaVoie said...

ha! that's funny. for the first time in ages, i did pretty much the same thing. it was just about dinner time before i think i even peeled off the pj's (the mrs. was totally behind my day off too). god i needed that. i even slept until 8:30am which i probably haven't seen in years! i think i can really learn to embrace rest days.

Javier said...

Reach for it Phil! Nurture the inner slacker in you! You know he is there somewhere :) I for one keep a little can of beer in the fridge as a touching stone to my slacker self :)