Thursday, January 17, 2008

Evening run

Got home at about 7:45 PM and I had a 1 hour run on the plan. Bythe time I chenged and took care of the dogs I woul dnot have enough time to make it to Simba all ready the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour. SOooo decided to do the run outside. I got myself ready with my Polar HR monitor, New Balance 857's ( for extra stability) and Polar foot pod and the appropriate Amphipod Reflector vest for safety. Not to be left behind in the sporting goods department, Simba was sporting her new "Fuelbelt reflective running harness" with flashing light. Thats us below I took the picture with low light to see how reflective we really were.

As you can see we blended in well with the lit up neghborhood houses during Christmas :)

The run itself was as follows:

Time: 59:10
Distance: 5.78 mi
Max HR181
Ave HR 153
av pace 10:14 min/mile


Philip LaVoie said...

Great pic ;). how did the foot feel? sounds like yer close if not fully mended.

Javier said...

Yep foot is better. Not 100% yet still have to ice it after to make sure all stays OK and will run this weekend on the treadmill if I can. But soon will be back on track.