Friday, January 4, 2008

Swim workout

Today I had a 60 minute swim workout on plan.

Actual: 65 minutes, 3000 meters
WU 6x75
2 x 200
1x100 Mod

6x75 C/D

It was a good workout and nice to get 3000 in. But I really felt like I was fading on my second 300, I can tell because my flip turn starts to look light a right angle turn.

Then I started to employ my "push through" strategy of focusing on a small item. For me it was to focus on doing my flip turn nicely. Once I started to get that right and miraculously I got a second wind. I started to feel real good, felt like a shark coming out of the turn, imaging myself as a streak of power with the push off flowing smoothly into the stroke. Somehow this brought me back.

Then a new swimmer hopped in next to me and made me feel like a sea turtle. This guy so effortlessly just floated past me on every lap. I decided to look at his form underwater and he looked like an instructional video. straight as an arrow, just slipping through the water.

Seeing him just made me conscious of my own form. I am curious how I would look. Maybe I should consider getting a video analysis done. Something to think about.


Joe said...

Flip turns make me out of breath, so I still do the side turn thing. They say you've "arrived" as a swimmer when you do the flip turns but I don't know. There's no flip turns in a triathlon, right? haha They do look cool though, I'll prob give them another shot in the next couple weeks.

Javier said...

I would not say flipturns are key to any part of the workout. But it does seem to keep me fro mspendingthat extra second on the wall. Also since just about anyone who trains is faster than I am, I use the flipturn as my "You may be faster but I look better" move.

I used to have problems breathing when doing them. I found that I lost my breath when I was anxious about them, this season I just relax when doing them and it goes well.

Brian said...

The reason that people feel as if they are running out of breath is because of the carbon dioxide building up in your lungs. It is something that swimmers just get used to...I am not used to it yet.