Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to Ice your foot

This is how I ice my foot per instructions from my doctor and coach. It is to help reduce inflamation while I heal from a foot injury.

Do this after every run and in th evening before going to bed. between this and some anti-inflamatory, it helps in the healing process of an injured foot.

1) First Get a Bucket

2) Get some Ice

3) Put the Ice In the Bucket with some cold water. Enough to cover your foot.

4) Take shoes off and get your foot ready

5) Prepare yourself mentally for the immediate shock that you will have putting your foot into ice cold water

6) In whatever way you can force yourself to do it, stick your foot in the water. Make sure the whole foot is covered. If you are going to go through the pain you might as well get the full benefit.

6) Keep your foot in for15-20 minutes, take out for 10 minutes to recover and just when you feel comfy. Do it again.


Philip LaVoie said...

i luv this post. :) has me crying everytime i look at it.

ramalamadingdong said...

nice mental toughness prep tie in too :)

andy said...

Thanks for the pointer to this post.

I can hardly wait to try it. :(