Saturday, April 17, 2010

Running groups

One of the things I have always known to be true, its easier to train when you share the pain with others. This past tuesday I joined in on a run with Team Continuum, a group whose mission is to provide immediate and vital, non-medical, assistance to cancer patients and their families where the diagnosis results in disruption, hardship and uncertainty in their everyday lives. One of the ways they raise funds is through training fundraisers who in turn participate in marathons and other endurance events. Their head coach is my friend and professional Triathlete John Hirsch.

It was a great group that meets on Tuesdays at 6:30. They have runners of different skills so it was easy to find runners at my level. I was suppossed to meet Holisticguru there but she suffered yet another tragedy on the way there, this time it was her phone hehe This is better than her more recent accidents such suffering habitual concussions due to running accidents either from her gentle dog dragging into oblivion, or those crazy tree roots leaping out of the ground. ("look out here comes another tree!" hehe).

Anyhow, its important to find folks to train with, at least for me. It connects me to others who want the same. I also belong to a group called "The Reservoir Dogs", a fun group that meets several times a week for runs. They usually end up in a bar for a drink after their runs, or for breakfast on Saturdays. My kind of group!

Looking forward to more runs with both of these groups.

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