Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Time for Action

So much of my life this past few months has been about recovering and simply dealing with my own personal issues in my life. It has in fact forced me to put aside those things I love to do like triathlons and coaching, simply to be able to garner the energy to make it on a daily basis. It has been a time of inward focus.

But as Winston Churchill once said "Evil wins when good men do nothing".

There is now a true tragedy going on in Haiti, and it is in Biblical proportions. There are so many efforts going on by Governments and organizations that it is so easy to think "someone else will take care of it". But that is dangerous, if we all take that train of thought then the assistance that this country and its people needs will falter.

I started coaching through Race with purpose, an organization that brought athletes and a need to help the world together. This concept really worked for me, who has always volunteered at various things throughout my life. Lately the programs and the organization has been dormant. It seems to me the time as come to shake the cobwebs off, and start taking action.

I have been communicating with Adam, the founder and head coach of RwP, to try and figure how to respond to this. It was nice to see he had his own wheels turning around this problem as well. Lets see where this leads.

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