Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Challenges!

WOW! its been forever since I posted anything on here. Well life has been eventful for me. As some may know I have been in the midst of MANY changes in my life, getting divorced, having moved out on my own into NYC etc. Many BIG changes. But not all have been bad. Been doing some travel for work which includes going to Amsterdam which was a blast.

Anything things are for now seemingly settling a bit and its time to get moving on personal goals! For one I have registerred for a half Marathon on May 22, and I have to get a serious training plan together. I have not been idle and have at least kept running and been building up my running distance. But I would like to do better than 1:45 which will take a serious effort on my part. here I come!


Also I need to improve my overall health. Not due to any serious issue, but I could lose a few pounds, and improve my overall diet. So I taking my pals @holisticguru 's #I8this challenge.

For me my goals are simple,

1) I need to add more greens to my diet
2) eat more fruit
3) hydrate more

These are relatively simple but yet I am lousy at all of these. I am perpetually dehydrated. And rarely eat any greens at all. I also am trying to get back to 160 which is closer to a normal weight for me. thats 10 lbs. If I stick to those three objectives above AND maintain my training regimen, I WILL lose the 10 lbs in time.

SO so far I have made it a point of having Salad BEFORE having dinner. Done this 3 days straight. The purpose was 1) I get my greens in when I am hungriest, 2) by doing this I am less hungry when I get to the main portion of my meal ( ie I am able to stick to a reasonable meal instead of over eating)

Have made it a point to have a fruit in the morning for breakfast, also when I am hungry.

Finally I am adding water midday during the day, this also helps keep hunger in check, so I do not go off buying a candybar. Helps me meet my hydrating goal too! Its a win win!!

Well that it, will keep you posted on progress!


HolisticGuru said...

Yay for you!!!

I'm so glad you're playing along. I love when my nearest and dearests jump on the healthy nutrition wagon with me :) Even Phil and Kate are playing with us.

And yes, drink your water. You're dehydrated. In fact, go get a glass of water right this second.

Jamie said...

My goals are almost the same as yours. Meat and cheese is just too delicious. It is too easy to let them rule my diet.