Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brazil is being accomodating

So here I am again, travelling.  This time I am in Sao Paulo Brazil.  Oddly enough desoite being several Thousand miles from home in NYC, I still end up in Brooklyn.  No Kidding!! The office and hotel is located in the "Brooklin Novo", or "New Brooklyn" neighborhood  :)

Anyhow, I had plans to resume triathlon training once I returned late in November.  I was especially looking forward getting back in the pool.  Which is why I was so pleasntly surprised to find THIS!!

Yes!! its not only a pool...its a LAP POOL!!  I was so psyched!!  This is not normal in a hotel.  At least not the ones I have stayed in.  And this was s surprise because the hotel does not have a whole lot of information on its website.

Now of course its not perfect, its only about 15 yards long and only about 2 1/2 feet deep ( my fingers touch bottom during my swim stroke)  BUT it works for what I need now which is to get conditioned again.

Now don't get me started on why an organization would build such a small and clearly not well though out pool.  You need at least 20 meters/yards to be acceptable for lap swimming.  And should be deep enough to not interfere with your swim stroke.  And yet these are all over the place.  I dont mean just in hotels.  In NYC the NYSC has a club with a 15 meter lap pool also.  Why?  Who the heck knows.  I cant believe it but I think the people building these gyms simply dont do any research.  The best example was a Gym in NYC, that advertised it had a lap pool.  I called over the phone and of course they would tell me nothing about price over the phone, and the guy I spoke to could not tell me the size of the pool.  So I went to check it out.

Low and behold they had a pool that was 10x 15 yards.  But here is the amazing part, the lanes were set to go ACROSS instead of length wise, so the lanes were 10 yards long.  It was actually built that way because the lanes were actually tiled in on the floor and the ropes built in to match.  What a WASTE!!

I mean folks, if you plan on building a lap pool all it takes is TO DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH!!

OK, griping over.  Back to Brazil...Its decent as hotel pools go, and I already got in and did 45 minutes of swimming.  It was GREAT!   The work here will be a BIATCH, with a giant workload, but at least I will get to relax and get some workouts in the pool.  SO I am happy about that.

Anyways, Im out for now.  Ciao

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