Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Off and running

Howdy folks! I have been away for quite awhile. Mostly letting life settle down, coaching some athletes and just chilling. But the time has come to resume training. I have selected a couple of races to shoot for:

The Scotland run (10K) in April
The Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon in May

One very refreshing thing about registering for these, they were only $18 and $25 respectively!! Compared to triathlons this just felt like It was a give away!

On another note, I ran last night for the first time with a running group I recently joined, "The Reservoir Dogs" ( www.thereservoirdogs.com ) Yes it is a running group and NOT the movie.

It was a nice 5 mile recovery run, and well organized. Best yet I finally saw the Cat for which "Cat" hill is named :) They seem like a great group and look forward to running with them more.

Its nice to be training again

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