Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible Olympic sports?

To be honest, When I watch Curling I cant fathom why this is an Olympic sport. I just dont see it as requiring any level of athletic conditioning. I know we can say that maybe any competition should be considered sport. I saw somewhere that so long as there is an organized world governing body, and a history of world championships then it qualifies.

I wonder is Chess an Olympic sport? Bowling? at least that requires physical skill.

Anyhow I propose a few others that could be exciting:

Underwater ICE Hockey!!

Yep, put on a wetsuit, work your way UNDER the ice, and play upside down with a Puck that floats against the ice.

Or if this seems too cold for you, how about simple underwater hockey

Then of course for an alternative Track and Field event, There is TUNA Throwing!


Austin said...

when scyncronized swimming became part of the Olympics, any notion of sporting excellence sorta went out the window a little.
Curling was just another brick in the wall.
I expect debating, monopoly and snakes and ladders to one day be olympic sports.

Javier said...

Lets not forget Bridge! Thats a team sport!