Monday, April 19, 2010

4 Miler race goal and mind games

I set out Sunday morning to achieve a specific goal for this race, the "Race for parks" race. I wanted to finish in 30 minutes or less. I almost made it. I finished in 30:09. CRAP But was still happy with it

Its not that this was a goal race of mine, because it wasn’t. But I have been slowly migrating from a “I am just running these races to get 9 races under my belt so I can qualify for the 2011 NYC Marathon” approach to a more “I want to do as good as I can” approach. For me that requires setting up a goal for myself.

Up until now I have been running, not really training. So speed goals just were not part of the equation. But I have now committed myself to doing 1:45 in the Brooklyn half marathon on May 22. I have a good base to go on, so now I am focusing on building some speed. These 4 mile races are perfect as a measure because there are so many of them. It will allow me to see progress.  Last week I did the "Run as one" 4 miler and did it in 32:01. I did that race just to do it. I put in an effort and was tired at the end, so It was not goofing off really.  But this past Sunday It was different, I raced with intent. The funny part is, I was just as tired after each of the races. And they were only a week apart so fitness wise nothing I did could have made a different. But by having a strategy and having “ Intent” I shaved basically 2 minutes off my time.

So you wonder if the head game matters during a race? It matters A lot!

Now wait till I actually have some training behind me when I get to the next 4 miler. I have another coming up in June 6, the Japan run. I plan on finishing it in 28 minutes.

So lets see if I can manage to combine Intent with training and pull this off.

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