Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#i8this status update

A progress report on my #i8this challenge is in order I think.

So far this week I have been solid in eating salad before dinner. In fact last night Salad WAS dinner. I had a Grilled Chicken Ceasar salad. Also this morning I had a banana, in fact have had one every morning this week. As for hydration I have managed to have at least 4 cups per day. Still need to up that a bit, but it is an improvement.

Doing these things has been working out great in that I really have been able to keep portions down at dinner time. The salad step really has made a difference.

My overall goal is to get back to “race weight” so to speak. I have about 8 lbs to lose. But I am not really targeting losing 8 lbs. What I am targeting are the habits that will help me get there. Its all about setting the right goals. Set an overall objective, and then the individual goals that will get me to the overall objective. The individual goals should be such that if I meet the goals, then the overall objective is a given.

Now these goals for the i8this challenge would by themselves not get me to my overall goal of losing 8 lbs, but they help me achieve one of the areas that would, which is to eat healthier. To lose the weight I also need to throw in a good solid workout regimen, which coincidentally I have done also :)

So basically, it looks like this: to lose 8 lbs

1) Eat healthier by managing portion control, improving my water intake, and eating more fruits. By doing this I would be eating a bit less of the stuff that are fatty. And eating stuff that would help my body work better.

2) Workouts to keep body and mind strong and also more pertinent to my objective, to burn fat, and build muscles that will in turn burn MORE fat.

If I accomplish these two, then losing the weight should be automatic. We shall see.

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