Friday, August 1, 2008


Well yesterday I had the surgery to fix my broken Clavicle. Entered the Ambulatory Surgery center at 6:30 AM and out by 11AM. It went pretty smooth from what I can tell. The procedures was done to put a metal plate across the broken clavicle in order to keep it in place. I had asked the doc if they could use a Carbon Fiber plate so as to be sure that the weight was kept to a minumum ;) No luck .....its stainless steel. I just hope he at least shaped my shoulder to be more Aerodynamic in the water like I asked.

So anyhow, I will be spending this weekend in recovery mode. The pain from the surgery is quite bad. Bad enough that it actually stops me from doing anything, which for me is saying allot. I am generally quite good at ignoring pain. But this is pretty intense. They gave me a generic form a percosett(sp) to manage the pain, but it really just dulls it a bit and makes me sleepy.

If anything this injury has provided me a real example and plenty of evidence about how the body does employ many muscles throughout the body for performing even the simplest of acts. Basically anything that requires the tensing of the core, affects my neck and shoulder, ths causes pain getting up out bed for example, even if I do not prop my self with my right arm, I still have to prop up my head because the strain on my neck is unbearable. So although I knew this from reading and yes training, there really is no clearer demonstration than some shooting pain whenever I forget to support the correct muscles when doing something.

The only plus I get out of this is a chance to sleep like never before and also time to plan for my conquest of the triathlon world next year. Also I get pampered hand and foot :) My wife, she's a good kid.

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