Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cheat the system

OK so I have been thinking that a bike upgrade to do next year is to go more aero. However I want to do it on the cheap. So I will be getting an aero helmet ( no brainer at 100+ bucks) they say it may reduce drag as much as a set of disc wheels.

Finally I am considering purchasing Wheel covers. Wheel covers go over the spokes on the wheel same as disc wheels. In fact they look like disc wheels. my understanding is they reduce drag, just not as much as true disc wheels. But here is the beauty, they cost 75$. For 75$ I can try them out.

The only bad thing is they do not do the cool woosh noise that you get from the real thing. It sort of announces you to the folks up ahead. Maybe I can tape record that and play it as I ride ;) or stick playing cards in my spokes to make a different yet very cool rapid fire sound.

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